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Cosmetic Product Labels

Cosmetic Product Labels

The cosmetic product labels are a hot popular type of labels which are printed with extreme care and special attention. As most of the cosmetic products are sold over the counter, the maximum efforts are done to make them attractive, charming and eye-popping for the end users. Being the highest selling product of ladies’ target market, we try our best to customize them as per your design.

The labels for the cosmetic products are printed to display the brand, name of the company, ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates, the using instructions, warranty / return conditions and some of the legally required details along with the price.

We. at the Offers circle, oval, diamond or the custom cosmetics products labels which you may get the customized, as per your products, business requirements or marketing plan for the specific product or the product line. You may get them printed in any color, any size, any Die-Cut shape or on any printing material of your choice.

The different materials used to print the cosmetics include; the paper (superfine, light-reflecting, shining white, colored, multi-colored, embossed / plain, glazed or laminated), UV coated materials, clear / transparent / white Vinyl plastic and metal foiled materials.

You may further customize your cosmetic products, as per your product, by selecting the combination of full, bright, sharp, glowing, shining, eye-catching, vibrant and lively spectrum of colors. Embossing and the stamping is widely used, rather standard and norm of the industry for these labels. You may get labels for some of the globally famed / popular brands, high priced and high quality cosmetic products on Gold / Silver foiled material to give impression of extravagance.

The cheap printed labels are shipped to you, swiftly and safely, within the United Kingdom.