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Custom Labels

Custom Labels

If you do not find any appropriate label type for your products, you may get the custom labels, offered by, as per our specifications of your product, your business requirements or the marketing plan for that products. You may use these labels for the display of the price, brand, warranty / return conditions, expiry dates and so on. As these labels are completely customizable, you may get them printed on any type of the material or in any combination of colors.

You may get any type of material used for the printing of the labels from a vast range of available materials, such as, paper (superfine, white, embossed, textured, rough surfaced, shining white, colored, multi-colored, glazed or laminated), UV coated materials, clear / transparent / white Vinyl plastic, metal foiled materials and so on.

To make the labels, customized, you may get them printed in any combination of colors, as per those of your products’. These different dense, rich, alluring, bright, full, shining, glowing, lively, vibrant and eye-popping combinations are available from which you select any colors of your choice to match your products. Some of the labels may be printed in CMYK basic colors.

Embossing and the stamping may be applied on many types of labels to give the products, extra look and to give touch of hand effect. For some of the extra high quality products with very high price level, the labels can be printed on the Gold / Silver foiled materials.

The cheap printed labels are shipped to you, swiftly and safely, within the United Kingdom.