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Home & Garden Labels

Home & Garden Labels

If you are looking for some kind of labels to add to your home and garden items then our printed labels are right for you. We offer custom label printing services in different designs where each one is designed for specific product.

Our printed labels are made for products like plant pots, tables, vegetable as well as antique items found in your home. You can also use these labels to add labels to your kitchen items including the cutlery and food items.

Our printed home labels are designed specifically to make your products look attractive while also adding details like pricing, manufacturer name etc.

We print the labels in materials like paper, cardboard and plastics where paper ones are made specifically to look simple. The cardboard printed labels can be used on items which are expected to get wear and tear. All the plastic materials are waterproof where vinyl ones provide transparency while the PVC ones are available in different solid colors.

All the printed labels can further be customized according to your specifications where our customers can choose from options like emboss, stamp and foiling in gold or silver. Our customers are also offered the option to add an extra layer of protection to protect from scratches.

We offer printing services in full-color which means you can get any color printed on your home & garden labels without worrying about the color restrictions.

We offer cheap priced printing services to all our customers where the ordered items can also be shipped to any location in the United Kingdom.