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Packaging Labels

Packaging Labels

Packaging Labels are those kind of labels which are used to add details to your packages. They are designed in such a way that they provide all the necessary information about the package. The information like package dimensions, the items inside the package, fragility of package as well as receiver and sender name/address are mentioned on these labels.

The courier companies use these labels to add details to their packages where the labels must be designed in such a way that they help in identifying the packages as well as provide details. The courier companies use specifically made labels to add details where sender’s name, address and contact number is included as well as the receiver’s address, name and phone number.

We offer printing services in options like cardboard which is stiff while the vinyl and PVC plastic ones are waterproof which makes them idea for use on packages which are expected to get wet. The vinyl printed labels are transparent while the PVC ones are available in solid colors,

The labels can be printed in different shapes where traditional ones include circular, oval and diamond. Custom labels are also available which can be printed in any unique shape as well as the with any text on them.

Our customers can also choose to get the labels printed in full-color where any color can be printed. Images can also be printed on the labels without worrying about the color loss.

Our printed packaging are not only priced cheap, but, our designs will surely make good impression on your service and product.