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Shipping Labels

Shipping Labels

Two types of shipping labels are applied in the business; one for the business use and the other while shipment to the end user. Typically printed in templates, the labels applied during the shipment, are printed with name and address of the sender and receiver of the shipment, the return conditions and other conditions as set by the sender. Such labels are used while shipment from the manufacturer / assembler to the wholesaler, from the wholesaler to the retailer and from the retailer to the end consumer. Mostly, the retailers, gift shops, online sellers, distance sellers and the courier companies use such type of labels which are glued on the shipment package. offers circle, oval, diamond and custom shipping labels which are highly customizable at your end. You may get them printed in any size, any shape, any color and on any type of available materials, depending upon your selling policy, shipment policy and the contract between the seller and the buyer.

The material used for the labels for shipment is strong, durable, a little moist / water- resistant paper. For some of the shipment labels, carbon-free paper is vastly applied.

The printing of the labels for shipment is made with CMYK basic colors – mostly Black colors but some other type of colors may also be used.

The cheap labels for the shipment are shipped to you, safely, promptly and swiftly, immediately after printing, within the United Kingdom.